Designing holistic transport and micromobility systems for cities

Time: 15:20 - 16:00

Date: 2nd November 2023


A deep dive into the integration of electric vehicles, public transport, and various modes of micromobility, including taxis, buses, land trams, e-bikes, and scooters, to design a holistic and sustainable transportation system for cities.

  • Explore successful case studies of transportation systems and micromobility which complement each other, reduce congestion, and provide environmentally friendly mobility options in cities.
  • Learn about the positive impacts on reducing carbon emissions, traffic congestion, and improving air quality.
  • Discuss the design considerations for a complete micromobility system, including infrastructure planning, charging and docking stations, parking policies, and user accessibility. Explore data on the demand for micromobility services, usage patterns, and user preferences, which can inform effective system design and allocation of resources.

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