2022 Summit Agenda

 - 09:05 CST
, Director
, Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance
 - 09:45 CST
  • Breaking down the Federal commitments to charge point deployment, and financial commitments - what impact will they have?
  • How electric utilities can help to expand charging networks by owning stations themselves or partnering with private companies
  • Examining the challenges of expand charging to rural or overlooked communities and creating incentives for business owners or landlords considering installation to build a national network
  • Discussing how federal money can be deployed to upgrade the grid, establish connections and support chargepoints with renewable or energy storage assets
, VP of Business and Strategy
, Economic Development/eMobility
, Centerpoint Energy
, Director of Commercialization and Infrastructure
, Evolve Houston
, Director
, Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance
, Assistant Director
, Delaware Department of Transportation
, Technology and Product Innovation
, CPS Energy
 - 10:10 CST
, Executive Director
, US Department of Transportation
 - 10:35 CST
, Senior Advisor, Policy & Market Development
, Shell Recharge Solutions
 - 11:15 CST
 - 12:10 CST
  • Understanding the state and federal regulatory challenges and roadblocks for utilities looking to support electric vehicles, and for businesses looking to establish connections to the grid
  • Examining the costs to upgrade infrastructure and modernize the grid to cope with electric vehicles, how storage or smart charging assets can mitigate these costs
  • Mapping out the timelines for utilities to establish connections and make upgrades for EV projects
  • How can utilities work closer together with municipalities, private businesses, charge point operators and fleet operations to cut project time, and deploy more chargepoints?
, Partner
, McDermott Will & Emery LLP  
, Consumer Marketing Coordinator
, Cobb EMC
, Chief Strategy Officer & VP Of Engineering
, Tri-County Electric Cooperative
, Electric Vehicles Operations Lead
, Austin Energy
 - 12:35 CST

Covering the Texas state plan for Electrification, including:

  • Governor's guidance
  • Federal legislation
  • Charger deployment plan
  • Contracting with private entities
  • Collaboration and engagement
, Director of Data Management
, Texas Department of Transport
 - 13:00 CST
    • A deep dive into the projects, incentives, and policies behind California’s EV infrastructure rollout.
    • Examining how states can re-model their incentives programmes to deploy funding with a long-term view in mind with federal funding on the way.
    • How to deploy more private capital to supercharge the rollout of charging infrastructure.
, Senior Policy Advisor
, California Energy Comission
 - 14:00 CST
 - 14:40 CST
  • How to make the most of integrating storage and charging on site and optimizing those assets for increased longevity and performance.
  • Looking at the long-term development of storage technology and latest innovations to make the best choice when procuring storage
  • Examining the reasons to select alternative battery technologies and chemistries and how they affect performance and price, and why lithium ion is problematic environmentally
, Partner
, McDermott Will & Emery LLP  
, Citigroup Commodities Trading
, Policy Specialist
, Vehicle-Grid Integration Council (VGIC)
, Executive Vice President
, New Jersey Energy Coalition
 - 15:05 CST
  • Understand Transportation Network Company EV drivers
  • See real-world data from Maine to Oregon & Australia.  Where do people charge, and when?  What is the load profile for public chargers vs. residential?
  • How much Demand Flexibility can Managed Charging provide?
  • Do EV drivers prioritize saving money, reducing emissions, or driving on sunlight?
  • Impacts on carbon emissions reduction, renewable energy curtailment, & health benefits.
, Flex Charging
 - 15:30 CST
  • Building a business case for chargers to make money for your organization, and take advantage of the opportunity costs for saving on fuel, annual checkups, and certification standards
  • Analyzing your fleet to understand if electric vehicles are the right fit for you.
  • Deploying infrastructure with growth in mind – how do you develop a strategy considering the future expansion of consumer electric vehicle usage?
, Director
, Dallas Love Field
 - 16:00 CST
 - 16:30 CST

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services—in which electric vehicles can both charge from and send energy back to the grid—can provide valuable grid benefits. But before V2G can be implemented across the U.S., states have to navigate the evolving landscape of technical standards that govern the certification of V2G-enabled equipment and integrate these standards into their rules and technical documents.

● Introducing  V2G technologies and configurations

● Related technical and regulatory challenges

● Technical standards that govern V2G integration, including existing and upcoming standards and communication protocols that can make V2G a reality.

, Regulatory Program Engineer
, Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)
 - 17:00 CST
, Research Fellow
, Energy Institute at University of Texas at Austin
 - 19:00 CST