Elena Bondereva

Elena Bondareva Bio Photo 01
June 23, 2022
 - 14:25 CST

EVs are like a mobile energy distribution system for nodal, decentralized energy communities. In highly regulated environments like most of the U.S., EVs and charging infrastructure enjoy interactive energy freedoms inaccessible otherwise. Let’s explore, on live international examples, how we can drive demand management, load shifting, emergency power, REC generation, customer loyalty, and grid flexibility services while guaranteeing “green charging” to those who want to know their EV is doing what they bought it to do.

  • Explore the 12 levels of engagement that EVs can have with real estate assets.
  • See, on live examples, how EVs super-charge our transition to the clean-energy future.
  • Ascertain what technology enables that was not possible before both behind- and in-front-of-the meter.
  • Identify the degree to which you may be able to activate EVs in your project.