Smart Charging to Slash Energy Tariffs: Optimizing Business Models and Customer Response

Time: 10:00 - 10:45

Date: 2nd November 2023


Gain insights into rate design, revenue generation, and the impact of pricing strategies on customer behavior. Discover how managed charging can optimize power consumption and explore the effectiveness of various tariff structures in promoting EV adoption and usage.

  • Explore the significance of rate design and its impact on charging company profitability, with studies showing that unfavorable rate designs can result in a 40-50% reduction in charging company revenue.
  • Examine the concept of managed charging and how charging companies and businesses can optimize¬† their charging operations by 40 – 60% by consuming power during periods of low wholesale market prices.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of charging tariffs in influencing residential customer behavior and promoting sustainable charging practices. Evaluate how customers respond to price changes, the impact of hourly rates, and the behaviors and business models that emerge as a result.



  • Greg Poilasne Co-founder & CEO - Nuuve
  • Heather Werner Deputy Director, Sustainability and Mobility Department - City of San Diego
  • Elizabeth Hammit Director, Residential Energy and Environmental Solutions - EPB (Electric Power Board) of Chattanooga

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