Navigating Financial Risks in EV Charger Investments

Time: 14:15 - 15:00

Date: 2nd November 2023


A behind the scenes look at the financial risks associated with investing in EV chargers. Explore the perspectives of equity experts, banks, and  charge point networks, as they discuss the key considerations, data sets, and strategies for mitigating risks and generating sensible returns from charging infrastructure investments.

  • Discover the data sets investors analyze, the risk factors they evaluate, and the strategies they employ to assess investment opportunities in the charging industry.
  • Explore charging networks’ criteria for selecting deployment locations, assessing market potential, and evaluating the return on investment. Gain insights into the challenges faced by CPOs in terms of revenue sharing, high infrastructure costs, and achieving sensible returns.
  • Discuss the revenue share and cost dynamics of charging infrastructure and the impact on investment returns. Explore strategies to make charging infrastructure more economically viable and attractive for investors.


  • James West Senior managing director - Evercore ISI
  • burr tweedyBurr Tweedy Vice president - NY Green Bank
  • Danny Chavez Chief Business Recruitment Officer - Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

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