Equitable Access and Reliable Charging: Ensuring Usability and Social Equity

Time: 14:00 - 14:45

Date: 1st November 2023


Discover strategies to address challenges related to curbside charging, accessibility, and supporting residents and businesses without regular charging options, as well as reliability of chargers in the wake of California passing a bill requiring charger reliability data to be published.

  • Highlighting the importance of usability and reliability in EV charging infrastructure, particularly in curbside settings, to maximize public investment and provide a seamless charging experience, with studies showing that reliable public charging infrastructure can increase EV adoption rates by up to 75% in urban areas.
  • Addressing social equity concerns with approximately 50% of low-income households facing barriers to EV adoption due to limited access to charging infrastructure by exploring solutions to ensure access to charging regardless of disability or location.
  • Examining innovative approaches such as utilizing street lights or cable gullies for EV charging, offering cost-effective and accessible charging solutions. Implementing street light charging infrastructure can help reduce installation costs by up to 60% while increasing charging accessibility in urban areas.


  • Neda Deylami Manager, Vehicle Electrification - Environmental Defense Fund
  • Kate Wright Executive Director - Climate Mayors
  • Donald Hoard Director of Data Science, Analytics - Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Evan Johnson EV Program Manager - City of Pasadena

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