School Bus Fleet Electrification Planning

Time: 11:30 - 11:55

Date: 2nd November 2023


PNNL examined the transition of 65 school buses from internal combustion to electric. Load and charging needs were estimated over a 20-year horizon. The benefits of smart charging and stationary storage hybridization were also assessed. Lastly, PNNL studied the economic impacts of using school bus fleets for grid services.

  • Smart charging of the studied fleet is estimated to save the school district close to $2 million in electricity bills and transmission upgrades.
  • Battery storage may be beneficial to schools and utilities when benefits are broadly considered.
  • Bus fleets are well-positioned to be used as a vehicle-to-grid resource for a variety of grid services. Fleet batteries are best suited for ancillary services. This could be a potential win-win for schools and utilities.


  • Christine-hollandDr Christine Holland Economist, Energy Policy & Economics Group - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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