Deploying EV Charging for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Time: 11:55 - 12:35

Date: 2nd November 2023


Join our panel of experienced real estate experts as they discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with integrating EV charging infrastructure into commercial and residential real estate developments. Explore how real estate owners can leverage charging to attract tenants, enhance sustainability, and manage the energy demands.

  • Discussing the challenges and considerations involved in deploying EV charging and microgrid solutions within real estate projects such as infrastructure design, cost allocation models, utility coordination, and scalability. Gain insights into the regulatory landscape and incentives available for real estate investors to deploy chargers.
  • Discover the business models employed by real estate investors in deploying EV charging infrastructure within their properties with studies showing that properties equipped with EV charging stations can attract up to 30% more tenants and residents.
  • Explore the strategies to address the energy demands associated with EV charging with innovative approaches such as microgrids, load management technologies, demand response programs, and energy storage integration to optimize energy usage and mitigate grid stress.



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