Elta Kolo

Vice President
Huck Capital

Elta is a Vice President at Huck Capital, leading research and market analysis to support deals and provide industry guidance. She is an internationally recognized thought leader committed to guiding the energy transition through transformational technology.

Prior to Huck Capital, Elta was the Grid Edge research lead at Wood Mackenzie. She managed a team of analysts providing research, data, and consulting services on electric vehicles, microgrids, utility software solutions, and grid modernization strategies.

Elta holds a Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Strategies from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Her doctoral research focused on demand response policies for the implementation of smart grids. Elta’s research was funded by the European Commission and contributed to European energy policy and market design.

Elta holds a Master of Science in Economics and Management of Network Industries from the ICAI School of Engineering in Spain and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Union College in New York.