22-23 June 2022 | Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol | Austin, Texas


Elizabeth Kocs

Director of Partnerships & Strategy
University of Illinois Energy Initiative
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As the Director for Partnerships and Strategy, Dr. Elizabeth A. Kócs leads strategic energy and sustainability programs and launches initiatives on transportation, storage, and smart cities at the UIC Energy Initiative. Elizabeth led the 2020 UIC Beneficial Electrification Workshops and published the report “Guiding Principles for Beneficial Electrification of Transportation: A Framework for Transportation Electrification in Illinois” in February 2021 which addresses electric vehicle adoption and deployment in Illinois and supports advances in transportation electrification for the State of Illinois.

Elizabeth serves as an Affiliate for the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI), is co-founder for the Illinois Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability (CURES) and served as an Energy Executive at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 2019. She is also an adjunct faculty in Urban Planning and Policy teaching courses across energy, mobility, and sustainability,

Elizabeth serves on the Board of Directors for Eco-Friendly Mobile Farm Stand and previously served as a Board Advisor to the Bronzeville Partners LLC. Elizabeth plays a seminal role in energy, sustainability, and climate topics as the Faculty Advisor to the E2S Climate Hub program at UIC since 2018 and as the co-chair of the subcommittee for Education and Research for the Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy since 2015.



UIC Energy Initiative

The University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) Energy Initiative focuses on energy systems and technologies in support of sustainable and resilient transportation and electricity grids. The role of the UIC Energy Initiative is to cultivate relationships and develop initiatives across local, regional, national and international ecosystems.

June 23, 2022
 - 12:05 CST
  • With transportation responsible for a third of Illinois' carbon emissions, electrification is a key part of achieving decarbonisation as well as improving air quality.
  • A deep dive into how Illinois is addressing the five key roadblocks to installing charging infrastructure: Planning, Collaboration, Flexibility, Funding & Education.
  • Addressing the cost barrier of EV infrastructure; how can you build a strategy that addresses both capital and operating expenditures?


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