December 9, 2021
 - 15:00 CST

Making A Lasting Connection: Establishing Grid Connections For Charging Stations And Building Long-Term Relationships With Utilities

  • Understanding utility’s role in the EV transition – how involved should they be in the process?
  • Establishing local connections – working with utilities to establish an easier process to connect to the grid and understanding utility timelines
  • Uncovering some of the misconceptions when securing capacity for charging infrastructure or installing energy storage
  • Discussing potential rates and tariffs for energy usage for charging as different models continue to evolve
  • Examining if EVs could offer ways to add additional capacity to the grid, through V2g technology
Assistant Director of Electrification & Energy
Colorado Department of Transportation
Vice President of Energy Services
Coweta-Fayette EMC
Sustainable Transportation Project Manager
Metropolitan Energy Centre
Manager – Fleet Services & Automotive Procurement
City of Chicago

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